There is still no substitute for creating great work that deserves everyone’s attention. It must be creative and new and interesting. The same old boring stuff we’ve been seeing for the last 50 years will get you absolutely nowhere. Besides, wouldn’t you prefer to get paid premium for exclusive designs rather than competing for crumbs on commodity products?

Find Inspiration

Look around, there are so many sources of inspiration all around you.  Here are just a few places where you can go to get started:

While you can’t copy these designs in their entirety, why not use them as a starting point for your inspiration especially when your customers are likely to enjoy these trends

Create a Signature Style

Create a style palette of designs that:

  • appeals to your ideal customer – it helps if you have a clear picture of this person
  • aligns with the kind of work you really like to do – you’ll be far more inspired by your work this way
  • too much mishmash makes you look like a commodity supplier, so even if you still do the work because it pays the bills – don’t put it front and center in your portfolio

Invest In the Right Tools & Textures

When you’re equipped with the right tools and you use stylish materials, it becomes very easy to stand out and make a mark for yourself. Here are a few sources to stimulate your imagination:

  • Royce Ayr profile tools for one piece Mdf doors
  • Tafisa textured melamines
  • Don’t forget to keep abreast of the new hardware as it becomes available on the market; at Richelieu Hardware

We Can Help

If you’re interested in selling cabinets online, we have solutions that can help.  We can help you with your website, a catalog of products, e-commerce solution, and even complex pricing configurators to get quotes done fast. Contact us today!